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Keeping It Civil 03-Jan-2020
Keeping It Civil

January is National Child-Centered Divorce Awareness Month 10-Dec-2019
January is National Child-Centered Divorce Awareness Month

Divorce Lawyer Creates Cards to Help Couples Communicate Better 02-Sep-2019
Divorce Lawyer Creates Cards to Help Couples Communicate Better

Collaborative Divorce for Small Business Owners 31-Aug-2019
Collaborative Divorce for Small Business Owners

Family Lawyer Explains New Divorce and Separation Legislation 07-Aug-2019
Family Lawyer Explains New Divorce and Separation Legislation

Building Trust - Collaborative Negotiation Is a Style of Practice 03-Aug-2019
Building Trust - Collaborative Negotiation Is a Style of Practice

Grey Divorce Presents Unique Set of Challenges 24-Jul-2019
Grey Divorce Presents Unique Set of Challenges

New Legislation Around Separation, Divorce Coming to Saskatchewan 24-Jul-2019
New Legislation Around Separation, Divorce Coming to Saskatchewan

How a Collaborative Approach to Divorce in Scotland Is Helping to Minimize Conflict 23-Jun-2019
How a Collaborative Approach to Divorce in Scotland Is Helping to Minimize Conflict

Divorce Doesn't Have to be a Nightmare. Call in a Coach. 09-Apr-2019
Divorce Doesn't Have to be a Nightmare. Call in a Coach.

Facing Divorce or Separation? Workshop Outlines Options, Process 01-Mar-2019
Facing Divorce or Separation? Workshop Outlines Options, Process

4 Tips For A More Peaceful Divorce 25-Feb-2019
4 Tips For A More Peaceful Divorce

Options for a Better Future Beyond Divorce 12-Jan-2019
Options for a Better Future Beyond Divorce

4 Ways to Make Your Divorce As Painless As Possible 02-Jan-2019
4 Ways to Make Your Divorce As Painless As Possible

Local Officials Take New Approach to Divorce Process 26-Oct-2018
Local Officials Take New Approach to Divorce Process

Shining a Light on Family Law for Expats 26-Oct-2018
Shining a Light on Family Law for Expats

Collaborative Divorce: A Tool to Help Couples Plan for Their Future ... Apart 13-Oct-2018
Collaborative Divorce: A Tool to Help Couples Plan for Their Future ... Apart

Collaborative Approach Cuts Divorce Costs 28-Sep-2018
Collaborative Approach Cuts Divorce Costs

Retirement: Dividing Your Assets in a Gray Divorce 29-Aug-2018
Retirement: Dividing Your Assets in a Gray Divorce

No Judge Needed: Pennsylvania Law Gets behind Collaborative Divorces 31-Jul-2018
No Judge Needed: Pennsylvania Law Gets behind Collaborative Divorces

Law Helps Divorcing Couples Avoid Combat 10-Jul-2018
Law Helps Divorcing Couples Avoid Combat

Led by Baby Boomers, Divorce Rates Climb for America's 50+ Population 10-Jul-2018
Led by Baby Boomers, Divorce Rates Climb for America's 50+ Population

New Law Regulates Collaborative Law Process in Pennsylvania 04-Jul-2018
New Law Regulates Collaborative Law Process in Pennsylvania

Jewish Values: A Path to Conscious Uncoupling 23-Jun-2018
Jewish Values: A Path to Conscious Uncoupling

Parents, Family Lawyers Cautiously Optimistic about Divorce Act Changes 24-May-2018
Parents, Family Lawyers Cautiously Optimistic about Divorce Act Changes

Liberal Government Introduces Measures to Update Canada's Family Laws 24-May-2018
Liberal government introduces measures to update Canada's family laws

Virginia Makes Family Court Reform History 23-May-2018
Virginia Makes Family Court Reform History

Collaborative Divorce in 6 Steps: How it Works for Michigan Residents 15-Feb-2018
Collaborative Divorce in 6 Steps: How it Works for Michigan Residents

New Illinois Law Outlines "Collaborative Divorce" Guidelines 05-Jan-2018
New Illinois Law Outlines "Collaborative Divorce" Guidelines

Here's a Better Way to Handle Divorces in Pennsylvania 08-Dec-2017
Here's a Better Way to Handle Divorces in Pennsylvania

A Good Divorce Is Possible, Says Psychologist 11-Nov-2017
A Good Divorce Is Possible, Says Psychologist

New Illinois Law Gives Thumbs Up for Amicable Divorce Process 19-Oct-2017
New Illinois Law Gives Thumbs Up for Amicable Divorce Process

Why Collaborative Divorce is a Route Worth Considering 03-Oct-2017

The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois Passage of Collaborative Process Act 12-Sep-2017
The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois Passage of Collaborative Process Act

Gentler, Kinder Collaborative Divorce Rules Get Approval in Florida 28-Aug-2017

Kawartha Collaborative Practice Is Changing the Divorce Story 03-Aug-2017

Experts Explain How Collaborative Divorce Works 17-May-2017

A Collaborative Outcome 02-May-2017


Ten reasons to choose collaborative practice for divorce agreements 17-Mar-2017

Collaborative divorce process gives guidance, aims for teamwork 01-Mar-2017

'Collaborative' Divorce Aims to Ease the Burden of Ending a Marriage 15-Feb-2017

Canada: Family Law: Frequently Asked Questions About Collaborative Practice 13-Feb-2017

Collaborative law reflects a different approach to addressing conflict 13-Feb-2017
Collaborative law is now a solution in Southwest Colorado. It’s a way for parties and their children to move on with their lives. It’s not a fairy tale. It’s a real solution that can help you end conflict and move on.

Collaborative Divorce: An Analysis by Florida Divorce Attorney Cody Emerson 17-Dec-2016

Collaborative law the key to family law success in Australia 22-Nov-2016
If it can manage to overcome entrenched mindsets within the profession and gain more awareness with the public, collaborative law will be the way of the future for family law in Australia, according to a family law specialist based in Queensland.

Collaborative Divorce Texas Wins 2016 Pro Bono Service Award 29-Jul-2016

A Brief Overview of Collaborative Law 28-Jun-2016

New Florida law may revolutionize divorce in the Sunshine State 16-May-2016
The Collaborative Law Process Act was passed during the last legislative session. And Gov. Rick Scott signed it into law on March 24. This law creates a pathway toward a more civil and less contentious way for couples to change the status of their relationships.

From Fargo, ND: Lawyers in the region get training to make divorce in families easier to manage 03-May-2016
Video and article about a large attorney training in Collaborative Practice in Fargo, ND.

Divorce doesn't necessarily mean the destruction of a family business 28-Apr-2016
Contested, litigated divorces can be devastating to a closely-held family business and their employees. Typically, each side hires their own "pit bull" attorney and the attorneys go after each other and their clients' spouse. Frequently, both sides are worse off financially after the litigation and the couple's relationship is destroyed, which is especially tragic when the couple has children, and also works together. There is an alternative to this type of litigation that is private, easier to control and less expensive - the Collaborative Process.

Avoid The Financial Pitfalls Of Divorce 13-Apr-2016
Let’s say that more sensible heads prevail and each party decides that the best possible outcome is not punishment, but the preservation of as much wealth as possible. In this case, there are better and more rational approaches available, such as: mediation or collaborative divorce.

Hong Kong divorce professionals promote radical alternative to court action 31-Mar-2016
Collaborative law takes the mess and conflict out of divorce. Now a group of Hong Kong lawyers and other professionals who’ve successfully used it to avoid court battles aim to promote its wider use

After 7 Years, Collaborative Law Process Bill Moves to Governor of FLorida 24-Mar-2016
The Florida Legislature passed the Collaborative Law Process Act in the latest session. If Gov. Rick Scott signs the bill, Florida would become the 15th state in the U.S. to adopt such a law.

New Best-Selling Book about Putting Kids First in Divorce 17-Mar-2016
The book takes a compassionate look at putting children first during a divorce, as well as sharing the benefits of pursuing a collaborative law or mediated divorce.

Financial Planners Can Help Craft Better Divorce Settlements 13-Mar-2016
Increasingly, financial planners have become an important part of the negotiating team in out-of-court divorce settlements. Collaborative Practice Toronto suggests advisors can help clients by: identifying, clarifying, and prioritizing financial needs and concerns (needs during or after the legal process); determining adequate budget and financial arrangements for the children’s changing needs; and contrasting and comparing different settlement scenarios, and empowering spouses to make fully informed financial decisions.

Bermuda: Relationship breakdowns and the collaborative law process 09-Mar-2016

Collaborative divorce provides alternative to traditional court fight 27-Feb-2016
New approach offers more creative options for breakups than family court, experts say

From Canada: More Islanders turning to collaborative approach for divorce 21-Feb-2016
A growing number of lawyers, mental health professionals and financial professionals on P.E.I. are working to find an alternative approach to divorce through something called collaborative practice: an out-of-court settlement process that helps couples negotiate the terms of separation with a focus on the needs of the family, rather than a win-lose model.

A quiet revolution is sweeping through family law in Australia with more practitioners embracing the process of Collaborative Law 04-Dec-2015

Creating a Parenting Plan That Fits Your Family 21-Nov-2015
If you want to develop a parenting plan that meets the unique needs of your kids and family, then you need to be in control. Choose a divorce process and work with professionals that allow you -- not the courts -- to make the decisions.

Replacing conventional Divorce with win-win solutions 17-Nov-2015

Collaborative divorce: a bearable end to a troubled relationship in Australia 07-Oct-2015

Divorce needn't be acrimonious - most couples now split amicably 20-Sep-2015
New research commissioned by lawyers shows that less than one in five divorces are acrimonious.

Collaborative Divorce is the "Way to Go" in Bermuda 14-Sep-2015

Many experts support couple in collaborative divorce 22-Aug-2015

Collaborative divorce: Is it right for you? 20-Aug-2015
Texas has been a front-runner in adopting and growing the practice of Collaborative Divorce since the passing of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act in 2009.

Consciously uncoupling: Divorce Ottawa style 19-Aug-2015

If You Want A Happier Divorce, Consider THIS Option (Thank Us Later) 28-Jul-2015

Florida Appeals Court Grants Same-Sex Couple Divorce After Yearlong Wait 22-Jul-2015
Women agreed to collaborative divorce, sought legal declaration dissolving their marriage.

Divorced, but Not From Life 20-Jul-2015

Divorcing? Dial it down Pennsylvania law should encourage couples to collaborate when they split up 06-Jul-2015

Split Decision: Today’s divorce seeks to minimize cost and antagonism 01-Jul-2015
While many associate the word divorce as synonymous with painful and messy, a paradigm shift in conflict resolution has led to a specialty known as “collaborative divorce.” Gaining traction in Pennsylvania and part of an international movement, collaborative divorce is saving clients time, heartache, and often thousands of dollars.

Divorce for Grown-ups: a growing trend 01-Jul-2015
While many associate the word “divorce” with painful and messy, a paradigm shift in conflict resolution has led to a specialty known as “collaborative divorce.” Gaining traction in Pennsylvania and part of an international movement, collaborative divorce is saving clients time, heartache and often thousands of dollars.

From the UK: Collaborative law: the benefits 15-Jun-2015

“Collaborative Practice” in Canada 04-Jun-2015

Tampa lesbian couple allowed a Collaborative divorce 31-May-2015
The Shaws, who were married in Massachusetts, agreed to their divorce and settled all issues through a process known as collaborative divorce

New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act Makes it Easier to Divorce 28-May-2015
New Jersey has signed the Family Collaborative Law Act. The ninth state to legitimize the practice, the new law will allow couples to get divorced faster and without such a high expense. While the law is new, lawyers have been using this method for over a decade to speed up the divorce process.

New Type Of Divorce Sweeping The Country 11-May-2015
A short video and article explain the different divorce process options.

The New Collaborative Marriage 22-Apr-2015
Collaborative divorce professionals are leading the effort to build a new and better marriage, one that will hopefully serve us well for the next 500 years.

Considering Reconciling? 11-Apr-2015
If reconciliation is a possible outcome you would consider or desire, here are some suggestions to help you get to that possibility.

Divorce and your finances 25-Mar-2015
Studies show that, no matter which process is used, enlisting the help of financial specialists and other consultants, like mental health professionals can result in a more holistic solution and a better long-term outcome for all parties.

Helping Children of Divorce 25-Mar-2015
"Research now reveals that how a couple conducts themselves during a divorce has a far greater impact on children than the act of divorcing itself," said Stu Webb, founder of Collaborative Law Research.

Splitting retirement: How divorce after 50 may affect your savings for golden years 08-Mar-2015
Getting unhitched this year? If you’re past 50, it’s critically important to pay attention to how your retirement savings weathers the storm.

How to avoid a nasty and costly divorce war 27-Feb-2015
Seeking kinder, gentler divorces, more couples—usually baby boomers—are turning to collaborative divorce. Besides avoiding courtroom angst, these divorces can also save time and money, along with being less harmful to kids' psyches.

New Way to Divorce Taking Root in New Jersey 23-Feb-2015
Last fall, Gov. Christie signed the New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act, making New Jersey the ninth of 11 states to legitimize a practice touted by proponents as more speedy and less costly than traditional divorce. The method, which aims to envelope the spouses and their lawyers in a team of experts and a cooperative spirit, has been used here for a decade. With the passage of the law, however, it has become the fourth official way to become divorced in New Jersey where the options are to litigate, mediate, arbitrate, or collaborate.

How divorce after 50 may affect your retirement savings 16-Feb-2015

The Differences Between Collaborative Divorce and Mediation 19-Jan-2015
There are many similarities between the process, approaches, and techniques used in both collaborative divorce and mediation cases. Indeed, both focus on information gathering, goal identification, and option development before solution. Both use interest based approaches, and focus on client self-determination as a guiding principle. Both provide confidentiality and the flexibility to include other professionals within the process. And both rely heavily on active listening, reframing, and emotional acknowledgements. There are also important differences.

In the UK: A Week of Raising Awareness about Collaborative Practice 25-Nov-2014
A week of raising awareness to highlight the alternative for separating couples and their families begins to today

Collaborative Practice in Great Britain 20-Nov-2014
Collaborative law began in the United States in 1991 but has only been practised in Britain for the last decade.

Attorneys focus on legal disputes before they hit court 09-Nov-2014
Two regional collaborative law groups are working to empower family members involved in legal disputes and promote healthy settlements that preserve relationships by branching out into estates, probates and trusts. On Friday and Saturday, Collaborative Practice San Mateo County and Collaborative Practice Silicon Valley will be training attorneys, mental health professionals and certified financial experts on how to advocate for clients and reach amenable resolutions when planning for an individual’s death or care.

Collaborative divorce – a new way of thinking 07-Oct-2014
Collaborative divorce is a process that has gained traction in many countries, especially in the United States and Canada. Essentially, and similarly to mediation, it is a process that attempts to minimise conflict between divorcing parties and to make sure, wherever possible, that emotional and relational damage is limited during the divorce process.

How to Plan for a Divorce 22-Sep-2014
Explore various options for divorce resolution. Consider other methods of getting help during your divorce, such as mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce, depending on your situation.

Charting a collaborative path to divorce 22-Sep-2014
When a divorcing couple chooses a collaborative divorce, the couple retains power over their divorce process. Instead of presenting evidence to a judge on a busy court calendar, the couple works together with their collaborative team to craft a creative solution to dissolve their marriage in the least destructive way possible. Sometimes it means dividing assets and debts in a unique way after discussing potential tax consequences with a financial neutral. Read more: Cherokee Tribune - Charting a collaborative path to divorce

Divide Your Business During Divorce Without Destroying It 14-Sep-2014
Collaborative divorce – divide without destruction. In a collaborative law divorce the parties stay out of the courthouse and focus on solving problems through business like negotiations versus assessing blame for problems in adversarial litigation. - See more at:

Christie Signs Collaborative Family Law Act 14-Sep-2014
will allow couples to have a marriage dissolved without court intervention through a process similar to mediation, in which both sides would be required to provide "timely, full and candid disclosure" of relevant information, such as finances, without either side having to resort to discovery. New Jersey joins eight other states—Alabama, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Washington and the District of Columbia —in allowing such a process.

The 13 Anchors of Collaborative Divorce 14-Sep-2014
Collaborative divorce has the potential to create 'durable agreements,' but spouses have to agree to these tenets

Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Greater Vancouver Launches To Bring Respectful, Modern Approach to Separation and Divorce 05-Aug-2014
Embracing a non-adversarial approach to separation and divorce, the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Greater Vancouver wants to change the often destructive way in which people have traditionally divorced.

Collaborative Law in New Mexico 04-Aug-2014
Much of the collaborative law movement focuses on ways to provide counseling and financial services to low-income families. “That’s a huge problem in New Mexico,” Walther says.

Both The N.J. Senate And N.J. Assembly Unanimously Approved The N.J. Collaborative Family Law Act; The Bill Now Awaits The Governor's Signature 07-Jul-2014
The New Jersey State Legislature took a major step forward toward empowering families to divorce with dignity and self-esteem, without resort to conventional litigation.

Collaborative Divorce Act Passes Senate 02-Jul-2014
New Jersey’s Collaborative Law Act passed the Senate unanimously on June 26, 2014. New Jersey will be the eighth state to have enacted collaborative divorce legislation once Governor Christie signs the bill into law.

Keep kids out of the crossfire of a break-up: Collaborative approach can spare the children and save couples money 22-Jun-2014
A collaborative approach can help couples reach a resolution without actually having to go to court. A collaborative legal process means couples who have decided to split get to work with their lawyers and other family professionals to reach a settlement.

New Jersey Collaborative Law Act Empowers Families To Divorce With Dignity While Avoiding The Emotional and Financial Strain of Conventional Litigation 18-Jun-2014
The New Jersey State Legislature recently took a major step forward toward empowering families to divorce with dignity and self-esteem, without resort to conventional litigation. The bills have received widespread bipartisan support throughout the State Legislature, as well as the endorsement of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA), New Jersey Law Revision Commission (NJLRC), and all five New Jersey Uniform Law Commissioners.

Michigan 10TH State to Enact Uniform Collaborative Law Act 17-Jun-2014
Michigan enacts a state law which provides a statutory framework for the use of collaborative law, a form of alternative dispute resolution that is growing in popularity nationwide.

Collaborative Divorce Bill Cleared by Committee, Heads to Full N.J. Senate 07-Jun-2014
New Jersey is moving closer to a method of divorce fashioned in meeting rooms rather than courtrooms.

Who Started Collaborative Divorce? 06-Jun-2014
A book review of The Collaborative Way to Divorce: The Revolutionary Method That Results in Less Stress, Lower Costs, and Happier Kids – Without Going to Court. This book is written by Stu Webb, the founder of collaborative divorce, along with Ron Ousky, one of the early leaders of collaborative practitioners.

New Prince Edward Island group hopes to make divorce process more peaceful 15-May-2014
Today will see the public launch of Collaborative Practice P.E.I. (CPPEI), which will try to help Islanders going through divorce to connect with professionals who can help them resolve family disputes without going through the courts.

CNBC: Collaborative divorce can ease emotional, economic stress 03-May-2014
Divorce will never be a walk in the park, but it doesn't have to be a traumatic process, either. One of the first choices people have to make is: What process do they want to use? Do they want the nuclear option—litigation—or peaceful resolution?

Collaborative Family Law Helps Take Litigation out of Divorce 02-May-2014
Pending legislation could mandate use of process, easing crowded court calendars and reducing stress and strain on families

Uniform Collaborative Divorce Law Act Passes Michigan Senate 29-Apr-2014
Across Michigan and our nation, there is a steady and growing movement toward favoring the collaborative model; the adversarial process is being relegated to a last resort. Over the past four years, the Uniform Collaborative Divorce Law has been sweeping across the state legislatures. Recently, the Michigan Senate passed the model act and sending it along to the Judiciary Committee of the House.

Collaborative Divorce Leaders & Author Share ‘Good Karma Divorce’ 16-Apr-2014
"Kinder, gentler" forms of divorce returned to the spotlight recently on the heels of celebrity couple Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announcing the breakup of their marriage as a "conscious uncoupling." Judge Lowrance's Good Karma Divorce has often been referred to as the recipe for conscious uncoupling. According to the originator of the term, Katherine Woodward Thomas, conscious uncoupling "is essentially a no-drama approach to separation…one that protects the children and encourages both sides to avoid pointing fingers," a New York Times story stated.

What Is 'Conscious Uncoupling'? Experts Unpack Gwyneth Paltrow's Split Announcement 30-Mar-2014
From a legal standpoint, "conscious uncoupling" could also signal Paltrow and Martin's desire to engage in a collaborative, not combative, divorce.

Three Reasons People Choose Collaborative Divorce 20-Mar-2014
Over the last decade or so, a movement has emerged in divorce court to make future exes teammates in the process instead of opponents. On KERA's "Think," host Krys Boyd spoke to a panel of experts on what’s known as “collaborative divorce"--listen to the conversation here.

The Uniform Collaborative Law Rules/Act Introduced in Six More States in 2014 24-Feb-2014
The Uniform Collaborative Law Rules/Act regulates the use of collaborative law, a form of alternative dispute resolution. The Rules/Act standardizes the most important features of the collaborative law process. Six more states have introduced the bill this year.

Collaborative law offers solution to ‘Divorce Corp.’ woes 11-Feb-2014
Thousands of families have benefited from this approach. And anyone contemplating divorce or who knows someone in that situation should make a point of understanding collaborative law and other alternatives to a court process, such as private mediation and unbundled legal services.

'Divorce Corp.' Should Heighten Interest in Collaborative Law 07-Feb-2014
“Collaborative law is a much kinder, much gentler approach to dissolving marriage,” says Crawford. “It’s absolutely vital that anyone who watches the movie—or otherwise knows only this knock-down, drag-out way of divorcing—becomes educated about this much better alternative.”

San Rafael law center offers affordable solutions to struggling families 30-Jan-2014
The Family Law Center helps not just the people living at poverty level, but the working poor who are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

From January to March, the divorce rate rises 27-Jan-2014
There are many reasons why, but when it comes down to it, there is no one time of the year that it's more ideal to get divorced than another.

"Divorce Corp", the movie: The Family Court System is in Trouble 14-Jan-2014
The movie is disturbing. And fortunately, Collaborative law, a holistic, child-centered approach that keeps couples out of court, is now offered in every state, and 23 countries

Video: Navigating the holidays during divorce 23-Dec-2013
The holidays can be a time for family get-togethers and reunions, but how do you navigate the holidays in the midst of a divorce?

Collaborative divorces keep separation details secret -- In Kentucky and elsewhere! 14-Dec-2013
It sounds like a contradiction in terms: collaborative divorce. But in a process invented in 1990 by a Minneapolis divorce lawyer burned out on cutthroat litigation, both spouses pledge to be honest and respectful. Meeting out of court with only their lawyers, both sides reveal their assets and debts and jointly retain neutral experts, rather than hired guns, to appraise a family business or evaluate their children’s needs.

Miami Promotes Collaborative Divorce: Could collaborative divorce help you achieve your goals? 07-Dec-2013
When many people think of a Miami divorce, a number of negative images can come to mind, from squabbles over prized possessions to bitter custody disputes. But does it have to be that way?

Your ‘Initial Consultation’ With an Attorney Should Benefit You 02-Dec-2013
Learn how to prepare for your interview with an attorney.

England celebrates National Dispute Resolution Week and showcases a variety of dispute resolution services that are available. 22-Nov-2013
National Dispute Resolution Week helps to raise the profile of non-confrontational methods that can be used to resolve family disputes, including mediation and collaborative law.

New Hampshire Collaborative Law Alliance Rolling Out Divorce Process Roadmap 22-Nov-2013
The roadmap described here begins with a statement of principles for development of a fair and equitable financial plan. The parties pledge to take personal responsibility for maximizing their financial potential, acknowledge each other's contributions, respect each other's authentic needs and dignity, and fully and promptly disclose financial information.

Collaborative law emphasizes respect, dignity, honesty, privacy and personal control over the process in Illinois 31-Oct-2013
Collaboration can be less upsetting to the children of the marriage because of the process emphasizes civility. Sometimes maintaining a decent relationship is important to the divorcing couple because the spouses plan to closely co-parent their children after the divorce.

Collaborative divorce can help college-age and adult kids cope with divorcing parents 08-Oct-2013
When there are problems in a marriage, children are often the glue that holds couples together. However, increasingly once the kids fly the coop, their parents undergo some life changes of their own, taking a closer look at divorce. In fact, there is a growing trend of empty nesters going their separate ways.

Collaborative divorce avoids going to court to settle differences 07-Oct-2013
Renee Vandall of Mount Washington said her impression of what divorce could be -- a costly, acrimonious process -- motivated her to explore the collaborative approach. "For me, my absolute number one concern was my son," she said. "I wanted to dissolve the marriage with as much kindness and dignity as possible."

A Peaceful Divorce--Collaborative Practice takes off in Israel 03-Oct-2013
Collaborative Practice has arrived in Israel. Since 2008, many Israeli couples have engaged in the Collaborative Divorce Process and there are over 200 Israeli professionals who have been collaboratively trained.

Financial Pitfalls in Divorce Settlements: A look at how a CDFA™ professional can ensure key mistakes aren’t made in a settlement agreement. 18-Sep-2013
The two top services lawyers want a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA) professional to perform are: 1) help them and their clients analyze the financial and tax implications of different settlement options, and 2) protect them from liability for financial errors in divorce settlements.

Kinder, gentler divorces take the bite out of break-ups 15-Sep-2013
The collaborative process is a model that shows the couple how to get along and be reasonable. It’s also often less expensive than traditional divorces that go to court.

Why a Collaborative Divorce Makes Financial Sense 14-Sep-2013
For couples ready to part ways, a collaborative divorce is a strategy taken by those who want to avoid the slash-and-burn route that divorces often take. It's the concept that you were partners – even if not good ones – throughout your marriage and you should be able to end it together as well, deciding how to split assets and how the co-parenting should work out in a way in which neither party feels too disappointed when it comes time to sign the divorce papers.

HARTFORD, CT--Collaborative Divorce process provides multiple resources to families 02-Aug-2013
When many people think about the professionals managing divorce, they only envision attorneys. Presently though, some of the most amicable divorces are achieved through an approach known as collaborative divorce. It reduces stress for the individuals separating by surrounding them with a support system including attorneys, mental health and financial professionals.

Collaborative Law: A New Approach to Family Law in Alabama 30-Jul-2013

Collaborative Law in Divorce: Disengaging From The Acrimony 24-Jul-2013

What You Should Know about the New Uniform Collaborative Law Act 18-Jul-2013

Collaborative Divorces Save Money 16-Jul-2013

Collaborative Practice now an option in Singapore To help couples reach an agreement in a cheaper, faster and less stressful manner. 10-Jul-2013

What Happens When It's Over? 05-Jul-2013

Staten Island's Collaborative Law Group Offers Alternative Way to Resolve Legal Wrangling, Matters of Divorce 28-Jun-2013
For some Staten Islanders facing the likelihood of a bitter legal battle and litigation, a more affordable and somewhat less intimidating alternative is available: Collaborative Law.

Uganda: Mama's World - Demonstrate Parental Unity During Divorce 21-Jun-2013
Collaborative Practice takes hold in Uganda!

Getting divorced? Australian lawyers start collective to make it cheaper 20-Jun-2013
A NEW system to make the divorce process less stressful, intrusive, costly and time consuming has been established in Cairns by a group of lawyers, accountants, financial planners and psychologists.

Collaborative law an alternative for Illinois divorce 19-Jun-2013
Collaborative law has been gaining popularity as an alternative means of ending marriages in Illinois. Those familiar with both collaborative law and traditional divorce methods note that collaborative divorce offers substantial benefits to those who choose to use collaboration for ending their marriages rather than resorting to litigation.

Know the Law: For privacy sake, seek divorce court alternatives 17-Jun-2013
Results obtained through alternative dispute resolution are comparatively fast, cooperative, inexpensive, durable and better accepted by the parties, as they, not the court, create the outcome.

The New Realities of Retirement and Divorce 27-May-2013

Group Works to Ease Process of Ending a Marriage 21-May-2013
According to 2011 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, divorce rates in the United States have reached a staggering 60 percent, and now the U.S. has highest divorce rate in the world. But there are many options involved in divorces. No longer does the termination of a marriage have to be ugly or involve a long, drawn-out court battle.

The Divorce Doctors: how to get divorced with dignity 15-May-2013
A growing number of divorces are now being done via a process known as collaborative law, brought to the UK from America, and it’s a growing movement in Scotland. The cornerstone of the process is that the separating couple agree from the outset not to go to court, and seek to avoid as far as possible the emotional and financial damage that a divorce can involve.

On the money: Easing the pain when you go your own ways 14-May-2013
If divorce is inevitable, think carefully about how you would like things to be resolved. “If you are able to communicate with your former partner, consider using the collaborative law process, in which you and your ex’s respective solicitors work together to create a settlement that is tailored to your individual circumstances,"

New Jersey family law: the collaborative divorce process 09-May-2013
One approach to divorce in New Jersey and in many other states is so-called "collaborative" divorce. Originally started in Minnesota, the collaborative divorce process differs significantly from the norm.

New divorce law signed, advocates say it ultimately protects kids 06-May-2013
Advocates celebrated what they call a new, more civil divorce option on the Capitol steps Friday after Gov. Jay Inslee signed the Uniform Collaborative Law Act. It allows couples to agree on terms of their divorce without going to court.

Divorce, conciliation-style: Resolve conflicts collaboratively 30-Apr-2013
It is important for families facing divorce to understand that they have options other than hiring a trial lawyer to file a lawsuit in an overburdened court system that is drastically underfunded by the taxpayers. Collaborative Law is a different form of dispute resolution which is non-adversarial and non-litigious. It is similar to mediation in these ways, but is specifically designed to help meet the future needs of divorcing families.

Baby boomers in Texas explore mediation and collaborative divorce. 24-Apr-2013
A recent study released by the National Center for Family & Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University found that although the overall rate of divorce in the country continues to fall, divorce rates among baby boomers are on the rise. In fact, separations for those over the age of 50 recently doubled. In addition to starting a trend called "grey divorce," boomers are also exploring alternative ways to finalize their divorces. Instead of following the more traditional courtroom divorce process boomers are considering mediation and collaborative divorce as options.

Family law: Collaborative process helps keep the peace during breakups 30-Mar-2013
When couples break up, they rarely need help fighting. It’s peacemaking that eludes them — which is where collaborative law practitioners and their teams of child specialists, neutral financial experts, divorce coaches and health professionals come in.

Collaborative divorce offers options to court battles 21-Mar-2013
Instead of litigating a split, approach focuses on cooperation, keeping the peace.

Understanding the collaborative divorce process 16-Mar-2013
For those who do not want to seek out and destroy their former partner, the collaborative divorce process is worth considering.

Billionaire T. Boone Pickens is clearly a man who knows a good deal when he sees one 04-Mar-2013
That's why he used a collaborative divorce approach in his recent parting of ways from his fourth wife, Madeleine. Pickens is such a believer in the process that he gave the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas $100,000.

Can your divorce be collaborative? 10-Jul-2012
Putting your children's needs ahead of your own during the split can make the process less acrimonious

Saving Your Sanity with Collaborative Divorce 08-Nov-2011
Intimidation; fear; panic; anger; threats; and ultimatums. These emotionally charged feelings can be part of the landscape of a litigated divorce proceeding.

NBC's Today Show Interview about Collaborative Law 16-Jul-2011
Interview with a divorced couple who used the collaborative law process

About Collaborative Practice Marin

CPM is a community of legal, mental health and financial professionals working together to create client-centered processes for resolving conflict.  We are located in Marin County, California. 

Why Collaborative Divorce?

“Divorce is never easy but the collaborative process made mine bearable.  I had more control and therefore less stress and anxiety because I had an active role.”


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