Collaborative Practice Marin

Map of the Collaborative Process

Stage 4: Negotiating and Choosing Solutions


  • Create packages of options
  • Financial consultant prepares projections for selected packages
  • Compare option packages to interests
  • Modify option package(s) to create final solution

Typical Chronology:

  • Team phone conference before each joint meeting to prepare agenda, discuss status
  • 2-3 or 4-7 way meetings to create option packages and determine packages for projections
  • 4-7 way meetings to review projections and refine packages
  • 2-3 way meetings (Party-Coach-Attorney) to review packages, review projections and prioritize packages
  • 4-7 way meetings to negotiate to final resolution
  • Bring in additional assistance as needed (mediator, case facilitation, mentor)
  • Party-professional and team debriefings after each meeting
  • Prepare and circulate minutes after each meeting


About Collaborative Practice Marin

CPM is a community of legal, mental health and financial professionals working together to create client-centered processes for resolving conflict.  We are located in Marin County, California. 

Why Collaborative Divorce?

“Divorce is never easy but the collaborative process made mine bearable.  I had more control and therefore less stress and anxiety because I had an active role.”


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